Piemonte Rosato


Wine making

Manual harvest in 20 kg perforated boxes, destemming and short cold maceration of the must in contact with the skins for 4-6 hours, then soft pressing and subsequent short cold decanting of the must before the start of alcoholic fermentation.


100% Barbera

Organoleptic characteristics

A rosé with character, pleasant but at the same time decisive. The nose is broad and fresh with notes of very young Barbera: red berries, wild flowers and aromatic herbs. In the mouth it has a nice acidic shoulder that we can consider the real spinal column of wine. The savory closure reminds us of the importance of the Moasca terroir.

Traditional combinations

Aperitifs, but also first courses based on simple sauces or fish

Vegetarian / Vegan pairing

Vegetable pie, fresh cheeses

Occasional pairing

In America they would call it "Pool Wine", a pool wine, and that's exactly how we want to imagine our rosé...S'Capis!


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