Spumante Brut


Wine making

Manual and early harvest to maintain high acidity in 20 kg perforated crates, de-stemming and storage in the cold room to start the skin maceration, subsequently soft pressing and subsequent short cold decantation of the must before the start of alcoholic fermentation, second fermentation in stainless steel.

Organoleptic characteristics

A bubble that calls conviviality and joie de vivre, without seasons or particular moments, Sei Bollissima you drink it when you want to feel good thanks to its bright color and the nose that recalls spring days with its yellow flowers and that slightly exotic taste, in the mouth is fresh, good acidity and a dosage that creates soft and never tiring sensations.

Traditional combinations

Aperitifs, but also first courses based on simple sauces or fish.

Vegetarian /Vegan pairing

Raw vegetables, fresh cheeses, olives.

Occasional pairing

Your friends, your partner, your family, the important thing is to share. Always keep another bottle cool, the first one ends quickly.


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